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How To Integrate Cloudflare With Dreamhost

Hey, are you looking for a guide on how to integrate Cloudflare with Dreamhost?

Cloudflare is the best CDN in terms of security, performance, and speed. There are several other features of Cloudflare like SSL, caching, reliability.

So, in this tutorial, we will learn to connect Cloudflare to Dreamhost. In broad terms, we can say Cloudflare integration with Dreamhost.

So let’s get started.

How To Integrate Cloudflare With Dreamhost Easily and Quickly?

Integrating Cloudflare with Dreamhost doesn’t require you to be a professional. You just need to know how to create account, sign into account, etc.

Dreamhost has worked well with Cloudflare team to make this integration easy and quick.

A quick note, Dreamhost is the cloudflare partner.

Lets see how we can quickly, easily and without breaking anything on website integrate Cloudflare with Dreamhost.

Step 1: Access Dreamhost Dashboard

First and foremost thing you have to do is to login into Dreamhost control panel where you have to do few settings.

Step 2: Enabling Cloudflare on Domain

Upon successful login, you have to edit the domain on which you wish to integrate Cloudflare.

You can find your domain inside Domains>>Manage Domains. Find your domain and click Edit. A new settings panel will appear.

How To Integrate Cloudflare With Dreamhost 1

Now, scroll down little bit, you will see Cloudflare Services section.

How To Integrate Cloudflare With Dreamhost 2

Select the checkbox having label of  Enable Cloudflare on this domain?

Once you check the checkbox, you will get an options list to select a proper one.

Step 3: Creating/Sign in Cloudflare Account

If you don’t have a Cloudflare account yet, you can easily create one within the Dreamhost panel. You need to fill in a few details and select a plan.

How To Integrate Cloudflare With Dreamhost 3
  • Cloudflare Email: Enter the email you wish to use with Cloudflare.
  • Cloudflare Username: Then, you have to create a unique username for yourself to log into Cloudflare.
  • Cloudflare Password: Enter a unique and strong password.
  • Cloudflare Subscription: It is up to you whether to go with a free plan or a professional plan. If your site has too much traffic and images, then the Cloudflare Plus subscription is recommended. Otherwise, you can move forward with the Basic free plan.

In case you have an account at Cloudflare, you can enter the details like email and password. Rest will be handled by Dreamhost itself.

How To Integrate Cloudflare With Dreamhost 4

Once you do these things, click on Change settings. You will see a success message if everything is right else, an error will be thrown.


All this was about integrating Cloudflare with Dreamhost. Dreamhost really makes things easier to do. You can give a try to their services.

Suppose you face any problems while setting a Cloudflare account with Dreamhost, please let me know in the the comments section. I will surely help.

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