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10 Best Fonts For Blog and Websites To Use In 2019

Do you have a blog and you are looking for a good font to use on it. Readability plays a great role in the success of a blog.

You must have a good font for visitor attraction. If you use a bad font on the blog or website, you may lose visitors. In turn, that will affect your SEO. Also, the font trend was changing at a high speed in 2019.

In this article, I will show you the 10 best fonts for blogs and websites to use in 2019. Before showing you the best fonts, I want you to look at the fonts’ psychology, like choosing the best font for your website. Let’s start.

The Psychology of the Fonts

If I show you the hard to read font, you may not read it properly. The same experiment was done by two, namely Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz.

They presented two types of fonts to the two chosen groups of people. One font was simple and easy to read. The other was stylish(fancy style) but hard to read.

The result of the experiment conducted by the two men was:

  • Simple Font Result: It took 8.2 minutes to read the set of directions.
  • Fancy Font Result: It took approximately 15.1 minutes to read the whole set of directions.

The image of the given set of directions is below.

Font Experiment

As you may see in the above image, after every sentence, there is a direction, “Do 6-10 Repetitions”.

That is why it took such long time to complete the experiment.

So from the cognitive point of view, the harder the font is, the more it is harder to read.

It is not easy to say which font is right for you. But there are many ways to choose the right one for one’s needs, which I will discuss next.

Choosing a Good Font For Blog or Website

No one is perfect in choosing the right font for the blog or website. But there are few things to check before using any font on the live blog.

The things I will mention below make fonts good or bad. You may ask that the font, which is simple and easy to read, is good for the blog.

But, It is not the truth; e.g., if your font is simple, but the typeface isn’t good, it impacts your web design.

So we will say there are many things to check before buying or downloading a font.

The things which catch user attention and make your blog attractive are discussed below.

#1. Typeface Styles

The typeface is a font design like each typeface has its own style, weight, width, etc.

We can say “Font is far different than Typeface”.

Each design has its own impression, so fonts also have designs like rounded, short-line at the tip, etc.

Various typeface are available and few of them are below.

List of  different Typefaces

  • Serif: Serif fonts have short lines at the top and bottom of the letter. The fonts belonging to this typeface are easier to read and are associated with classic feeling.
Serif Typeface

As I said before, No one among us is perfect. One shortcoming of this typeface is its size. If we use a smaller font size, it becomes hard to read.

The popular fonts belonging to this typeface are Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.

  • Sans-Serif: Sans-serif fonts don’t have short-lines at the top or bottom of the letter.
Sans Serif typeface

All the fonts belonging to this typeface are not good, so you should choose them carefully. This typeface is associated with modern design.

Many designers recommend using this font because it is a lot easier to read. Even we at WebsiteGuider use Sans-Serif font. The best fonts

  • Script: Script fonts are considered classical and are handwritten. They are best suited for valentine cards and headlines.
Script typeface

They are expensive but are not considered good for body text. You should use them carefully.

  • Modern: Modern fonts have thick bold lines, which are good for titles and blog headers. They are catchy, stylish, and smart.
Modern typeface
  • Monospaced: Monospaced fonts look like typewriter writing. You will not find any recommendations to use this font for body or headlines.
Monospaced typeface

But this font best suits if you have any code. You can use this font for any code type.

#2. Font Size

Font size also plays a great role in web design. If you have a smaller font size, the visitors may not be able to read the text properly.

The font size of 18px is optimal for better text reading. As a web designer, I personally recommend you to use a 17px font size.

Here is my recommendation for font sizes you can use for your blog or website.

  • Titles: You should use the h1 tag for titles, and the font size should be between 34px-36px.
  • Headings: You have many options for headings; e.g., for the h2 tag, you can set the font size to 30px.
  • Body: You can use 17px of font size for body text.

#3. Font Space and Height

Font space and height play a crucial role in the overall readability of the website. The font you will use must have optimal font spacing.

Less font spacing can make the text harder to read, and more font spacing can make text look bad.

So It is advised to use font which has optimal font spacing height.

Above were the few things which every blogger should consider checking before using any font. Yet there are many other things, but these were important.

Let me show you the 10 best fonts you can use on your blog.

10 Best Fonts For Blog and Websites To Use In 2019

The 10 best fonts for blog and websites you can use are listed below.

  1. Sofia Pro.
  2. Jotia.
  3. Troia.
  4. Verdana.
  5. Oswald.
  6. Lato.
  7. Helvetica Neue
  8. Montserrat
  9. Without Sans
  10. Vega SB.

The fonts listed above include free fonts as well as premium fonts. Let me tell you a little about each font.

#1. Sofia Pro
Best Fonts For Blog and Websites(Sofia Pro font)

Sofia Pro is a sans-serif font. If you have a high authority blog, you should consider using it. It is stylish, beautiful, and modern.

We use this font; you don’t have to look for any example site. It took me 1 week to decide whether to use it or not.

Sofia Pro is a best find for any blogger or web designer.

#2. Jotia
Best fonts for blog and websites(jotia font)

John is a combination of both serif and sans-serif typefaces. It is a modern font and makes the text look unique.

This is similar to Sofia Pro to some extent. This font can be used for any purpose.

#3. Troia
Best Fonts For Blog and Websites(Troia font)

Troia fonts have rounded corners and come in three weights: normal, bold, italic. This is the best font for logos, blogs, websites, t-shirts, etc.

This font also has a light font. Troia can also be used anywhere on the website.

#4. Verdana
Best fonts for blog and websites(verdana font)

This is one of the famous fonts and is used by more than 1 million websites. This font also belongs to sans-serif typeface.

Various popular sites like Ebay, Pinterest, Apple, etc use this font.

#5. Oswald
Best Fonts For Blog and Websites(Oswald Font)

If you want to use a modern-looking font on your website, this may be the best font for a blog. The designer of this font is V. Adams from Google.

This font best suits headlines due to its bold nature.

#6. Lato
Best Fonts For Blog and Websites(Lato Font)

You may have heard of MOZ; they use this font on their blog. Many sites also use it.

The popular sites using this font are Grammarly, Alexa, etc. It comes in different styles, so making it good to use anywhere on the website.

#7. Helvetica Neue
Best Fonts For Blog and Websites(Helvetica Neue Font)

One of the oldest font today and has over 100 different styles. Its styles are so versatile that we can use it anywhere on the website.

Popular sites using this font are GitHub, StackOverflow, etc. This is a sans-serif typeface based font.

#8. Montserrat
Best Fonts For Blog and Websites(Montserrat Font)

Montserrat is a modern looking font and is used by hundreds of websites.

This font can also be used anywhere on the blog or website. The popular websites using this font family are NBC, Movie Pilot, etc.

#9. Without Sans
Best Fonts For Blog and Websites(Without sans font)

Felipe Sanzana and Diego Aravena designed this font. Without Sans is a sans-serif font.

It comes in 10 weights. We can say the font can be used anywhere on the website. The font is best for logos, magazines, blogs, advertising, etc.

#10. Vega SB
Best Fonts For Blog and Websites(Vega Sb font)

Vega SB font belongs to Scan-graphic typeface and comes in two versions. One version is best suited for headlines, and the other is best for body text.

Vega SB has optimal letter spacing and height.

Above were the 10 best fonts for blogs and websites. You might ask, “Where I can find the best fonts if I didn’t love the list you provided?”. The answer, in a nutshell, is below.

Resources To Find Fonts

Thousands of font resources are available, but few of them are the best I will tell you. Many font resources are free, and many are premium. The list of font resources where you find the best fonts are discussed below.

#1. Google Fonts 

Google Fonts is the best resource for free fonts. They have more than 500 font families. The reason for giving it the first number in the list is that they host fonts themselves.

You don’t have to worry about the hosting of fonts. Google Fonts provide instructions regarding embedding, font style, etc.

#2. Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts is a best resource for premium fonts. You can find lots of fonts.

They have a huge collection of fonts. We also bought Sofia Pro from Adobe Fonts.

#3. Myfonts

If you want to explore new and trending fonts, you should visit this font resource once. They also have a huge, huge collection of fonts.

Google Fonts is a good resource for fonts, but they still have a low quantity of fonts. MyFonts have more than 100k fonts.


I hope you loved the list of best fonts for blogs and websites. Please do share with your friends, and don’t forget to drop a comment.

Suggestions and questions are always welcomed.

Raashid Din Dar

Raashid Din Dar is a web developer and designer. He specialises in WordPress Theme and Plugin development. Also, Web Designing is what he loves.He loves to read books and play with friends.

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