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WebsiteGuider is a free online resource for WordPress, Genesis and Thesis lovers. I mainly focus on themes, plugins, codes(for Genesis and Thesis), tutorials, SEO and WordPress Security(using plugins).

I am not here for promoting any company or product but we provide a useful information to our readers. No useless information is published here.

Currently, we are in launching mode or phase and soon the site will be full of articles and tutorials. I spend hours to make a tutorial for you.

I am like you and enthusiast about WordPress. I want to create this website like an evergreen plant which is useful, helpful and easy to understand.

Also, I provide services for developing WordPress themes using Genesis and Thesis Framework. You can check my Thesis work at Mobelook[dot]com. and the Genesis framework example is this site.



You may find affiliate links or ads on this site. The ads and affiliates keep the site up by providing financial support and also to keep the author alive. Otherwise, the content provided here is free of cost (except services).

Also, we don’t create a review on request by a company for profit. We create a review for our users so that they should be aware of the product they are going to use.

Have you any question related to WordPress, Genesis, Thesis, etc. Feel free to contact me using Contact Form. Also, If you are a beginner, you can get more support and help. Use ‘Need Help’ form below to reach me.

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